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Hannah's Pantry

Hannah's Pantry

Hannah’s Pantry: Putting fun & full flavours back in to home-baking.

Hannah’s Pantry produces award winning Cake Mixes that allows those with Food intolerances, or other health issues, to enjoy their favourite foods with a nutritional twist.

Where does Hannah make her mixes?

Hannah’s Pantry products are made in Sevenoaks, Kent (UK).

Are Hannah's Pantry Cake Mixes free from allergens?

Yes! Hannah's Pantry Cake Mixes are made with Gluten Free, Dairy Free and refined Sugar free ingredients.

I'm vegan. Can I bake with Hannah's Pantry Cake Mixes?

Yes! Hannah's Pantry Cake Mixes are completely vegan friendly, meaning vegans too can bake Hannah's delicious recipes from the comfort of their very own home.

Can I recycle Hannah's product packaging?

Yes! All Hannah's Pantry Cake Mixes packaging is fully recyclable.

Why should I choose Hannah's Pantry?

Hannah's Pantry brings flavour and excitement back to those living with health issues & food intolerances. Hannah takes great care to make sure you end up with a final product that not only looks and tastes great but is good for you and your family. These delicious mixes (below) are sure to make Gluten Free Baking and cooking and addictive, fun loving activity that everyone can enjoy!