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Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea: The Perfect Brew.

Hampstead Tea offer a wide assortment of loose leaf pouches, tins & pyramids, which all contain the finest whole leaf Tea. With all the flavour, Nutrients & aromas kept packed into the leaf, Hampstead Tea delivers a deeper and more flavoursome character to your daily cuppa! 

Are Hampstead Tea products Gluten Free?

Yes, indeed they are! You will find that our full range of Hampstead Tea hot & ice teas are all Gluten Free.

Is Hampstead Tea organic certified?

Yes! As firm believer in 'The Purity Of The Source', you can rest assured that every Hampstead Tea product that is organic certified, with many also being demeter (Biodynamic) certified too!

Why should I choose Hampstead Tea?

For many years’ tea has been consumed in a dust format, via a tea bag. Hampstead Tea is different because they don’t use dust in any of their products but instead choose to use broken tea leaves in their tea bags, which are larger fragments of the leafs. Hampstead Tea always looks for the purity of the source whether it is tea, Camomile, Ginger, elderflower, or simply a tea bag paper.

As forward thinking company Hampstead Tea pride themselves on all of their great tasting products, and were the first tea manufacturer to introduce staple & gluten free tea bags before anyone else.