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Green Bay

Green Bay

Green Bay: Functional Foods for Sustainable Wellbeing.

Green Bay is an independent, family-run business specialising in the supply of functional foods. This family connection stems between two brothers, John and Greg Glass, who work on opposite sides of the globe (one here in the UK & the other in New Zealand). Green Bay believe that the traditional Western diet is increasingly failing to deliver the level of nutrition that our modern lifestyles demand, so they offer a range of foods with remarkable nutritional and health benefits to bring you close to sustainable wellbeing.

Are Green Bay products suitable during pregnancy?

Yes, all of Green Bay products are Food based and are safe to consume during Pregnancy.

Are Green Bay products suitable for children & babies?

All of the Green Bay is suitable for children & babies, with the exception of Manuka Honey, which like regular Honey, should not be consumed by those under the age of 1 year. For older children however, honey may prove extremely beneficial.

Why should I choose Green Bay foods?

As parents, those clever people at Green Bay understand that a diet rich in unprocessed whole foods keeps a family healthy and happy. Complementing a few meals and Snacks with some of nature's 'Superfoods' - such as Barley Grass and Manuka honey - makes for an extremely convenient way of getting the natural goodness we need need into our bodies.