Good Remedy CBD

Good Remedy CBD

Good Remedy CBD: You but Better.

Good Remedy CBD believe that the cannabis plant has the ability to bring calm, focus and relief to those who need it. Their range of competitively priced and eye catching CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules and CBD Oil have been carefully formulated to engender specific outcomes of Flow, Calm and Mend by blending CBD and other cannabinoids with natural Hemp terpenes for a holistic effect. 

What is CBD? (Is it safe?)

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a major and non-psychotropic component of the Cannabis sativa plant. This means that it does not change the state of Mind of the person who uses it.

So I won't get addicted to Good Remedy CBD then, right?

No! Whilst Good Remedy have done everything they can to make their products (below) the tastiest possible, they’re not addictive.

Where do Good Remedy source their hemp from?

Good Remedy CBD go to great lengths to source their organic hemp from the mountains of Colorado, USA, which is surrounded by mountain air and clean fresh water.

What is CBD good for?

The MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Authority) classify the quantities of CBD and other cannabinoids found in products such as Good Remedy’s as Food Supplements, which means Natures Healthbox cannot make any health claims about their products. However, with a little bit of internet research you will quickly find many studies exploring the potential health benefits of CBD, some of which cover Stress & nausea relief, Anxiety and improved Sleep. This research continues.

Why should I choose Good Remedy over the other CBD brands?

Good Remedy CBD think a little bit like a media brand and see their role as supporting and inspiring their consumers through the challenges of modern life and the outcomes they personally are looking for. They are committed to the highest quality of ingredient and full provenance, transparency and traceability. In fact Green Remedy CBD are committed to using organic ingredients wherever possible, and try to ensure as much of their products are vegan friendly (because they are) and Gluten Free as they possibly can be.

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