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Good Carma

Good Carma

Good Carma - Dairy Free Parmesan Cheese Alternatives

What Good Carma products do Natures Healthbox offer?

Here at Natures Healthbox, we currently stock the 4 Dairy Free parmesan alternatives from Good Carma, however we are looking to expand the range over the next few months. Good Carma's Flavour Fusions come in original parmesan style cheese, chilli and garlic (see below).

Are Good Carma products gluten free?

Yes! Not only is Good Carma dairy free, it is Gluten Free and wheat free too!

What is Good Carma's shelf life?

All Good Carma products have twelve months shelf life approved.

How can I use Good Carma's products?

All Good Carma products are ready to eat and can be used as a Condiment or cooking ingredient.

Who are Good Carma?

Good Carma was founded by Charlotte Bates, a vegan since 2010 and vegetarian for 10 years before that. Passionate about Food, Charlotte has a strong understanding and interest in health and nutrition. Charlotte started Good Carma in the summer of 2013 in honour of her mother Lynne who died from cancer earlier that year.

How did Good Carma get its name?

Good Carma” was chosen as all their products are produced in CARMA-rthenshire, south-west Wales.