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Golden Emu Oil

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Golden Emu Oil

Golden Emu Oil: For your joints, muscles & skin.

Buy Golden Emu Oil at Natures Healthbox, the most natural choice in muscle, joint and Skincare.

What is golden emu oil?

A totally natural golden oil with a hint of Lavender fragrance that was first introduced to the UK and the rest of Europe in 1993 by the Pioneer Trading Company. This company is registered on the European Pharmaceutical Commission Register and Golden Emu Oil is certified Australian pharmaceutical grade emu oil. Laboratory testing has shown it to have a top gold standard rating too!

What is Emu Oil Good For?

Golden Emu Oil has been specifically formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin and/or joints. It is also ideal for your holidays to put on your tanned skin and help regenerate its cells. This amazing product does not clog the pores but is absorbed into the skin fast and easily. 

How do you use emu oil for joint pain?

Golden Emu Oil Muscle Joint & Skin Rub 100ml can be rubbed into stiff joints and muscles to provide targeted relief of pain & inflammation.

Is Golden Emu Oil paraben free?

Yes! Golden Emu Oil is a natural product with no parabens and preservatives.

Does Emu Oil grow hair?

It might do! Golden Emu Oil is full of Essential Fatty Acidsespecially oleic acid, which is thought to effectively penetrate deep into the scalp and encourage healthy Hair follicles.

What is the best brand of emu oil?

Golden Emu Oil from Pioneer Trading is widely considered to be the benchmark in quality by which all other emu oil products are measured. Regular Emu Oil customers include leading athletes, those dealing with age related problems and those suffering a variety of skin related conditions or muscular pain.