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Geosilica - 100% Natural Silica Supplements from Iceland

Geosilica make supplements that naturally repair, recover and renew, your body from head to toe. By using advanced technology and the Minerals found in Iceland’s volcanic earth, Geosilica’s natural silica is always 100% natural and registered by the Vegan Society. 

What makes Geosilica stand out?

They are inherently connected to Iceland and its unique geological conditions and were founded on our one-of-a-kind production method GeoStep. Several years of research laid the ground for how their products are today, which are pure, natural and sustainably produced. Geosilica believe in manufacturing and developing products in harmony with nature; using minerals from deep within the earth, and leaving minimal trace on the planet while doing so.

What are the benefits of taking silica?

Silica is one of the world’s most common minerals found in rocks and in human body. Absorbing other minerals can be tough for the body. That is why using silica supplements can help the body in vital ways, such as strengthening the bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Which supplement is best for skin and hair?

Geosilica RENEW for Hair, Skin & Nails 300ml encourages the health of the Skin, Hair & Nails. This supplement works to strengthen brittle nails and increase the wear resistance of hair, as well as strengthen hair and reduce hair loss. Geosilica may also strengthen the skin and can reduce micro-wrinkles as well as reduce damage caused by excessive sunlight.

Can I use silica?

Whether restoring what has been damaged or broken, or bringing out raw beauty by treating your body from within, Geosilica products are ideal for those looking to holistically renew their body and mind. They invigorate you physically as much as they calm you mentally.