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Genie Living Drinks

Genie Living Drinks

Genie Living Drinks: Probiotic Soda & Vegan Kombucha.

Genie Living Drinks offer a range of unique live fruit soda and award winning fermented Kombucha, which celebrate the brilliance of probiotic bacteria and promote healthy Digestion & Gut Health.

Can you tell me more about Genie Kombuchas?

Genie Kombuchas are packed with live & fermented cultures especially for your gut. Their award-winning taste is both delicious and complex and as with all Genie Living Drinks they are 100% vegan with no added sugar or other artificial nasties. 

Can you tell me more about Genie Live Sodas?

Genie Live Sodas are a unique combination of fruit juice, water, live cultures & bubbles. They are high in Vitamin C, have no added sugar, and are are naturally low in calories.

Are Genie Living Drinks gluten free?

Yes, all Genie Living Drinks are Gluten Free.

I'm pregnant. Can I consume Genie Living Drinks?

Yes, Genie’s probiotic cultures are considered safe for pregnant women but its important to remember that Probiotics are a Food supplement, so the advice for pregnant women is to consult your physician before taking any type of supplement.

Why should I choose Genie Living Drinks?

Modern life is tough enough but Genie Living Drinks make it easy for us to get enough active cultures and Vitamins a day, for that little bit of a boost. Genie combines the art of crafting delicious drinks with the science of live cultures and fermentation. It might not be magic but at least you can say that there really is a genie in every bottle...

...looking after you gut.