Free Soul

Free Soul

Free Soul: Real Nutrition For Women.

Free Soul Protein Powder and Supplements focus on the unique nutritional needs of women. Available in vegan and whey varieties, the full collection of Free Soul products contain key Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals that support hormone balance, Mood and Energy.

Is Free Soul Gluten Free?

Yes! Not only are all Free Soul products Gluten Free, they are also free from soy and GMO's. And unlike other brands, Free Soul haven’t bulked up their protein blends with cheap milk powder fillers (MPC) either.

A premium product for superior taste & results.

Free Soul isn't just about protein in a pretty pink pack. Backed by real science, to enhance the health and wellbeing of women, Free Soul have worked with leading UK clinical nutritionists during the production of all of their supplements and protein powders. So it goes without saying, that the ingredients used in each and every Free Soul product are of the highest quality. Flavours tried and tested umpteen times to get to what Free Soul see as the best in the market. In addition, each Free Soul product is independently tested to ensure the highest standards, so what is said to be in the pack, really is in the pack.

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