Free From Italy

Free From Italy

Who are Free From Italy?

Free From Italy are importers of quality, good value Italian foods that are 'free from'. They have a long history of working with specialist Italian Food companies and have focused on bringing the best foods they can find in Italy, back here to Great Britain.

Made and distributed in Italy, with the aim to supply the same quality that any Italian would expect & be thrilled to eat, Free From Italy foods are designed to bring the best of Italy to you!

Is Free From Italy vegan?

Yes, absolutely! Free From Italy's criteria is always, and will always be; vegan, free from, good quality, value and of course Italian.

What types of Italian foods do Free From Italy have to offer?

The Free From Italy food range consists of Pasta and Pasta Sauces, Gnocchi, Pesto, Panettone, Chocolate Spreads, and Gluten Free Snacks. Ask any Italian, if they know of these foods and the answer will always be “Si il migliore” yes, the best!

Why should I choose Free From Italy foods?

For many years, Free From Italy has a sourced genuine Italian foods that even the most food conscious Italian could sit back and truly enjoy. We all know how serious Italians are about their food and we know they eat on average over 25 kilos of pasta per person per year, so if you are Italian or simply like Italian food and have an allergy this is a serious issue. 

Free From Italy passionately believe that just because you have an allergy does not mean you have to compromise on taste, which is why there range of products (below) do not compromise on taste and supply the same quality that any Italian would expect and would be delighted to eat!

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