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EcoBottle by Smartshake

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EcoBottle by Smartshake

EcoBottle by Smartshake - Sustainable bottles made in Sweden

The EcoBottle by Smartshake is one of the world’s best bottle brands. These bottles are available in more than 90 countries, and presented in a wide range of vibrant colours too. Made in Sweden by more than 70% renewable Energy, the EcoBottle consists of cork and Sugar cane biomass which otherwise would become waste. This means that the CO2 footprint for the manufacturing process is at net zero.

How was Smartshake founded?

This story begins on a bright Swedish morning back in 2008, when soon-to-be Smartshake founder Mikael Bergström grabbed a shaker, filled it with milk and protein powder, and went out to his car. Like so many of us, Mikael was a busy individual and therefore used to being in a hurry. Some days he just didn’t have the time for anything more than a liquid breakfast. On this particular fateful morning, Mikael started to shake his cup while driving. The lid flew off and he found himself covered in a liquid protein mess. This was certainly NOT the best way to start a day, but fear not, as this story does have a happy ending. For on this day, Mikael didn’t just clean up and continue on as if nothing had happened, he started thinking. If this happened to him, it surely must have happened to lots of other people, right? Mikael imagined a new brand of leak-proof shakers made from high quality materials. Then he added revolutionary features like attachable storage compartments to end the messy business of mixing drinks from a bunch of different little plastic bags. And that was when Smartshake was born. So, here is to the old shaker with the rubbish lid that didn't stay put.

Why does the EcoBottle stand out?

Simply putting it, the EcoBottle is offers more style but less impact on the environment. This simple bottle is great for bringing to the gym or the office but is also a stylish, eco-friendly fashion statement.

Who is Smartshake's target audience?

The EcoBottle by Smartshake offers athletes and gym users a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry their hydrating liquids in. However, it has evolved from beyond the gym to become a great lifestyle accessory for every occasion, as it can be used to carry your Mineral WaterCoffee or fruit juice in.