EcoBottle by Smartshake

EcoBottle by Smartshake: Made from plant-based materials.

Since 2009, EcoBottle by Smartshake has offered athletes and gym users a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry their hydrating liquids in. These days however, the EcoBottle has evolved from beyond the gym to become a great lifestyle accessory for every occasion, as it can be used to carry your Mineral WaterCoffee or fruit juice in. This simple bottle is great for bringing to the gym or the office but is also a stylish, eco-friendly fashion statement.

Where are these EcoBottle's made?

The EcoBottle by Smartshake is manufactured in Sweden using more than 70% renewable Energy. The factory is equipped with solar panels on the roof providing the building and their vehicles with green electricity

What is the EcoBottle made of?

The EcoBottle is made from cork and Sugar cane biomass which otherwise would become waste. This means that the CO2 footprint for the manufacturing process is at net zero.

Why should I switch to an EcoBottle?

Simply putting it, the EcoBottle is offers more style but less impact on the environment. Available in more than 90 countries, and in a wide range of vibrant colours, these bottles have quickly become one of the world’s best bottle brands.

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