Dr Dunner

Dr Dunner: The Power of Plants.

Dr Dunner is a family-owned Swiss company that is passionate about the beneficial, restorative and fortifying effects of plants and herbs.

Since 1948, Dr Dunner have been harnessing the healing properties of organic plants from the Swiss alpine resort of Entlebuch, while sourcing the best herbal ingredients from all over the world. Using their own bare hands, those clever people at Dr Dunner combine these ingredients to create a range of optimal blends that can support you in your daily life.

How will the Dr Dunner range benefit my body?

Dr Dunner products are specifically formulated for your muscles & joints, as a Digestive Aid, and for Immune Support, liver & nerve functions, Stress, Anxiety and Energy, respectively.

Can I take Dr Dunner products whilst taking prescribed medication from my GP?

In most circumstances, Dr Dunner products are safe to take with other medication. Despite this, it is still recommend to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any Dr Dunner product.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects for any of the Dr Dunner products.

Introducing Phytovitality: A fresh approach to natural health.

Phytovitality is a way of life for the people of Switzerland, and owes much to the tried and tested principles of phytotherapy (the use of blended plant ingredients to address a range of condition). And by choosing to use Dr Dunner, phytovitality can become a lifestyle choice for you too!

Dr Dunner create unique and beautifully balanced blends of specially selected botanicals, in small batches, to preserve their potency. Their scientists use 'phytovitality' to infuse the Dr Dunner range of natural liquids, capsules and creams for which you see below.

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