Delphis Eco Professional Cleaning

Delphis Eco Professional Cleaning

Delphis Eco: The UK’s leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products.

Delphis Eco Cleaning is one of the the world's leading innovators of ecological Cleaning products. They believe everyone should be able to clean with a clean conscience, without compromise. Proudly made in Great Britain, Delphis Eco Cleaning Products are strong enough for the toughest dirt, safe enough for the gentlest Hands, and green enough to protect the world.

Can I use the Antibacterial Sanitiser to protect my hands against Coronavirus?

Yes! Delphis Eco Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser contains almost 100 times more Quats than the level used in the successful US Government Agency tests. Quats (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) are potent disinfectant chemicals that are non-flammable and relatively non-toxic - making them kinder on your hands. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, which is thought to be killed by various substances, which include Quats alongside alcohol and chlorine (bleach).

Who can use Delphis Eco products?

Delphis Eco products are suitable for many commercial businesses. They are used by a range of Food and beverage companies, educational institutions, and transnational cooperations.

Do Delphis Eco sustainably source their active ingredients?

Yes! Delphis Eco ingredients are sustainably sourced, and the entire range is completely phosphate & phosphonate free too!

Is Delphis Eco packaging 100% recyclable?

Yes! Delphis Eco bottles are 100% made from post-consumer recycled materials (it is advised to keep hold of your trigger & pump and place into your new bottle when you make a new purchase). In fact, Delphis Eco care about their environmental impact so much, that even the glue they use for their labels can be recycled!

Why should I choose Delphis Eco to clean with?

Delphis Eco exclusively manufacture their award-winning green chemicals from an office that runs on renewable energy. They make sure that their range of products (below) contribute to minimising waste, pollution, and natural resource depletion at every stage, from innovation, to packaging, to transporting their products right here, at Natures Healthbox. As the first chemical company to be EU Ecolabel approved, Delphis Eco work closely with primary and secondary schools supporting Eco-Schools, and have been recognised nationwide, winning awards such as the Multi-Purpose Cleaner Award and Best Green Business in 2011 by Wandsworth Green Business.

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