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Creemi - Plant Based Vegan Mayonnaise

Creemi is all about making better choices. Not only are Creemi vegan mayonnaise’s clean label, they contain all-natural ingredients and are perfectly flavoured with an amazing creamy texture and are better than their non-vegan counterparts. In fact they are reinventing the broken wheel of what the meat, dairy, and eggs industries have deemed acceptable by doing things in a different way to which they've always been done. Creemi is all about making better choices and we are hugely excited to offer their products to our loyal customers.

What separates Creemi from the rest?

They're not calling their mayoʻmayonnaise’ as they're not allowed to but these plant-based products (below) give you an alternative option that focuses on better tasting, healthy & happy foods. If you don't like (or want) the overpowering flavour of soy, coconut, or avocado, Creemi offers a thick mayo alternative made from a protein derived from chickpeas. It is dairy free, cruelty free and entirely egg free.

How did the Creemi Brand begin?

Once upon a time, Mike, the man behind Creemi, worked in the dairy industry and experienced its dark underbelly first hand. Dismayed by the messaging and marketing that was used to influence its customers into purchasing products, he decided enough was enough and left the dairy industry. It was time to create a better option, and therefore Mike created Creemi on the belief that doing good can still taste great - without a coconut in sight.

Who are their consumers?

Creemi is plant-based and therefore suitable for everyone, however it is particularly popular with vegans and those with dairy and egg intolerances.

What do they produce?

Creemi makes four free range mayo alternatives made from chickpeas. These include; Creemi Original Vegan Mayonnaise 240g, Creemi Jalapeno Vegan Mayonnaise 240g, Creemi Roasted Garlic Vegan Mayonnaise 240g and Creemi Smokey Bacon Vegan Mayonnaise 240g.