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Clara - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Clara Cleaning products use the power of plants to help keep your home clean and tidy without leaving any harmful residues behind. Wherever possible Clara certifies their products with the highest EU EcoLabel accreditation so you can be sure your cleaning has minimal impact on the environment and your family. 

Are plant based cleaners effective?

Clara Cleaning products are just as effective as chemical based cleaners, so if it's just a quick wipe or a long spray, you can be safe in the knowledge that your  Household is clean & protected.

Why are plant based cleaning products better?

Conventional cleaning products often contain irritants & allergens and that may cause sinus or respiratory irritation over time. Clara is different, and all of their products (below) are 100% plant based & non allergenic.

Which Clara cleaning products are vegan?

All Clara Cleaning products are Vegan Society certified.

Does plant based mean cruelty free?

Yes! Clara products are never tested on animals.

How do Clara package their cleaning products?

All Clara Cleaning products are presented in fully recyclable packaging