Cindy's Tea

Cindy's Tea

Cindy’s Teas: Delicious Herbal Teas with a Modern Twist.

Cindy’s Teas is a range of outstanding teas bursting with flavour, aroma and Essential Oils. Inspired by traditional herbal medicine and folk wisdom, medical herbalist Cindy Ledgerwood has created these all-natural Herbal Tea remedies for a range of conditions or as a general tonic.

What is herbal tea, and how can it support my body?

Herbal tea is an infusion of leaves, roots, Seeds or bark, which are extracted in hot water. At present there is actually limited research in to the health benefits of herbal teas, however people have been drinking them for centuries for their great taste and reputable medicinal properties. Herbal teas as Ginger, Peppermint and thyme have great therapeutic qualities, while herbal teas in general are thought to improve Digestion, stave off Cold & Flu, and encourage a peaceful night's sleep.

Put the kettle on, kick back relax...

Not only do Cindy’s Teas look and smell great, they taste amazing too. If you’re a gourmet Tea lover, healthy eater, foodie explorer, or even a committed Coffee drinker, you’re sure to find some delicious discoveries within the Cindy's Tea range. So for a taste of what Herb tea can be, kick back. relax and embrace the satisfying taste and aroma of full loose leaf Cindy’s Tea. You’ll never go back!

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