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Cannasa - The UK's Newest CBD Drink

Cannasa CBD Drinks have been made with all natural ingredients and Botanicals that complement the workings of CBD. These simple CBD Infused Drinks contain everything you need to refocus and rebalance to feel upbeat about yourself.

Who can drink Cannasa?

Cannasa may be used as an aid to help individuals with busy, modern, urban lifestyles enhance their own personal wellbeing through a tasty non-alcoholic alternative soft drink.

What is CBD?

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of Hemp and is one of more than a hundred different phyto-cannabinoids that are unique to cannabis. It is a non-psychedelic chemical that has a history of use dating back thousands of years.

Are CBD drinks legal in UK?

Yes! The key hero in Cannasa is a unique source of CBD, extracted from EU grown hemp under strict guidelines & regulations. Hemp itself has a vast array of sustainability benefits. It is why Cannasa love it and encourage more people to use it through their delicious range of Drinks & Beverages, below. Hemp is one of the more sustainable plants and has throughout history been used for a range of purposes from construction, fabrics, and as Food.

Do Cannasa CBD drinks contain any artificial colours or preservatives?

No! Cannasa contains nothing artificial, no sweeteners and no preservatives. Any Sugar found in Cannasa CBD Drinks is 100% locally sourced from British beet sugar.

What makes Cannasa stand out?

Cannasa botanical is an excellent drink that provides you with a refreshing taste and hydration you need after a hard workout session. Your Mind is relaxed, your Body is invigorated and you feel peaceful. Packed with natural fruit juices and unique botanicals that complement the CBD content, Cannasa CBD Drinks are designed to help you make the transition into the chaos of reality much less stressful.

Cannasa’s clean and crisp flavour profile, combined with the fragrant, floral aromas of the finest natural ingredients, makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of occasions, whether it’s enjoyed al-fresco, al-desko or as an alternative to alcohol.