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Bud Fertility Formula

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Bud Fertility Formula

Bud Fertility Formula - Supplements for Fertility & Beyond

Bud Fertility is a brand inspired by first-hand personal experiences of of unexplained secondary infertility. Their formulas have been created to properly balance the emotional, physical and mental aspects of one's life, to support natural Fertility.

What makes the Bud Fertility Formula stand out?

They are manufactured in the UK in MHRA (Medicine & Healthcare Regulatory Agency) licensed premises, and developed by clinical nutritionists with ingredients backed by scientific research. Such ingredients include the likes of Selenium and L-carnitine, which contribute to normal spermatogenesis and improves sperm quality, and are all proven to support your body’s natural reproductive health.

What is Bud fertility?

The Bud Nutrition range of Fertility Formulas include both female fertility supplements, and male fertility supplements, which when purchased together, combine to better help men and women looking to conceive. These bespoke formulations are packed full of key nutrients and Vitamins, to help boost an individuals fertility naturally.

In Bud Nutrition Male Fertility Formula 60 Tablets, Maca is combined with key nutrients to support healthy conception with added ingredients; pycnogenol, cordyceps and ashwagandha. This unique formulation contains a range of bioactive compounds which research suggests can enhance libido whilst improving sperm quality and function.

In Bud Nutrition Female Fertility Formula 60 Tablets, key nutrients support healthy conception and preparation for pregnancy. This formula combines maca with an essential mix of vitamins and minerals and the addition of cordyceps, muira puama and clear water. Sea kelp completes the mix to support the female body’s natural fertility, both physically and mentally.

Who is Bud's target audience?

Bud Fertility supports all couples when they first decide to try for a baby, helping them to become 'Baby Body Ready'. These supplements will continue supporting such individuals during the 18 month to two year average period it takes to achieve natural conception.