Boosh Bone Broth

Boosh Bone Broth

Don’t settle for bland. Be Boosh!

Boosh Bone Broth is a high protein, nourishing elixir made with animal Bones. These bones are simmered in water with vegetables, Herbs & Spices, and then slow-cooked to release as much high quality Collagen, protein and healthy Vitamins and Minerals as possible.

Isn't Boosh Bone Broth just fancy stock?

No. The main difference between stock and Boosh Bone Broth is that Boosh is cooked for a much longer period of time (between 12 & 24 hours) to ensure that as many nutrients as possible are released from the bones, namely collagen but also Glucosamine, Amino Acids, Calcium and electrolytes. It is then strained and seasoned to be enjoyed as desired.

Is Boosh Bone Broth organic?

Yes. All ingredients in Boosh Bone Broths are 100% organic from carefully sourced, grass-fed cattle and free range chickens, to the added herbs and spices. These broths are also free from any artificial colours, flavours & preservatives.

Where do Boosh source their bones from?

Bones for our Boosh Organic Beef Bone Broth is sourced from grass-fed cattle reared on carefully selected organic farms, mainly in Ireland, while bone for the chicken bone broth are sourced from free range hens reared on carefully selected organic farms, in Germany.

*Boosh Bone Broth ensure that all farms from where they source their bones take animal welfare very seriously & practice high levels of animal husbandry.

How do I use Boosh Bone Broths?

Boosh Bone Broths can be used just like a stock in Cooking SaucesSoup, stews, casseroles, stews, risottos and all your favourite recipes.

Why should I use Boosh Bone Broth?

We can’t claim that Boosh Bone Broths are a miracle cure-all but they should provide you with a greater nutrition than standard stocks & processed sauces. And due to the high protein and collagen content of bone broth, many leading nutritionists believe that regular consumption delivers multiple health benefits, such as improving Joint Health & Inflammation, Digestion & Gut Health, Immune Support, and Anti Ageing.

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