Bo Ho Green Makeup

Bo Ho Green Makeup

Bo Ho Green Make-up: Organic & Natural make-up at affordable prices.

Bo Ho Green Makeup is an extensive selection of Cosmetic & Make Up products, which cover all categories of beauty (foundation, eye & lip make-up, nail polish & other accessories). Favouring certified organic & natural products without giving up quality, pigmentation, colour or hold, Bo Ho's unique formulas are made with care from ingredients from organic farming such as vegetable Oils, waxes, and plant extracts. And, as you will see (below), the colours that make up th Bo Ho Cosmetics range are exclusively obtained using natural pigments.

Who are Bo Ho Cosmetics?

Bo Ho Cosmetics is an organic, natural and high quality professional Beauty brand that formulate products based on natural ingredients. Bo Ho consider themselves responsible for our planet and for future generations, which is why they optimise each of their working decisions to ensure that their impacts are as positive as possible for the people, that buy their products, and nature itself. For example, 100% of the wood that Bo Ho Cosmetics use to make the corks for their nail polish and fragrances comes from sustainably managed forests.

Is Bo Ho Green Make-up cruelty free?

Yes! Boho Green Make-up products are not tested on animals.

Are the perfumes used in Bo Ho Green Make-up products natural?

Yes!, absolutely.

Does Bo Ho Green Make-up contain any silicones, parabens or GMO's?

No! Bo Ho's certified organic products are composed of ingredients from renewable resources and processed according to environmentally friendly processes, without GMOs, silicones or parabens.

Why should I choose Bo Ho Green make-up?

Quite simply, Bo Ho's societal commitments are as deep and intense as the pigmentation and coloring of the products that make up their entire range!  And being labeled by the world's leading association for organic cosmetics, Cosmebio, guarantees the commitment of the Bo Ho brand, and guides you, the customer, with confidence towards authentic organic products that meet the ethical and technical criteria of the founding charter.

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