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Bite Me Wellness Tonic

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Bite Me Wellness Tonic

Bite Me Wellness Tonic - Immune Boosting Drink

What is Bite Me Wellness Tonic?

Bite Me Wellness Tonic is an all natural blend of Apple Cider Vinegar, rich Manuka Honey, Ginger root, and lime & Lemon juice, which is combined with cayenne Pepper and Turmeric.

How do I use Bite Me Wellness Tonic?

Use Bite Me as a daily tonic. You can put it on salad as a dressing to spice up your day or drink with sparkling Mineral Water for a tasty treat.

What can Bite Me Wellness Tonic do for my body?

Bite Me Wellness Tonic provides your Immune System with an extra boost, which may help to kill types of harmful bacteria, lower blood sugar levels & levels of Cholesterol, and act a useful aid as part of a healthy weight loss plan too!

How does Bite Me Wellness Tonic differ from the other elixirs?

Bite Me Wellness Tonic is a family recipe which has passed down the generations and contains only the most purest of natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand. Apple Cider Vinegar has never been so delicious!