Biosun: Premium Hopi Ear Candling products.

Biosun offers a wide range of traditional Hopi ear Candles that are hand-crafted from high-quality woven cotton, Honey, herbal essences and pure beeswax. Each Biosun candle has been specifically designed to help remove ear wax, relieve tension headaches, sinusitis & vertigo, and also relieve that irritating ringing in the ears that comes with the symptoms of tinnitus.

What is ear-candling?

Ear-candling is a non-invasive therapy that involves using a hollow candle in ear, which creates a vacuum in the ear canal to draw out excessive earwax or any minor impurities.

Are Biosun Hopi ear candles safe?

Yes, but it's important to ensure that you do not use them alone so that you have supervision during treatment, while the Biosun candle burns. In addition, each Biosun Hopi ear candle features a patended safety filter that prevents any residues, such as unburned wax, from entering your ear canal.

What is the duration of treatment when using a Biosun Hopi ear candle?

You should allow between 10 -15 minutes treatment time on each ear. Before using the Biosun Hopi ear candle on your second ear however, please allow for a ten minute rest period.

Are Biosun ear candles free from synthetic ingredients?

Yes! Biosun ear candles are free from paraffin & other synthetic ingredients.

What about the woven cotton contained in each Biosun candle, is it pesticide free?

Yes! The premium quality woven cotten used in each Biosun candle is untreated & pesticide free.

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