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BeSaucy - Vegan Mayonnaise

BeSaucy Mayonnaise is designed to make your home cooked meals more awesome, by working as much as an ingredient as they are a vegan condiment. Because regular mayonnaise has egg in it, it is not vegan friendly but BeSaucy Mayo is different and made from aquafaba (from chickpeas), which is otherwise destined for waste. All of these delicious vegan mayonnaise products below have been made just down the road from the Natures Healthbox offices, on the East Sussex coast.

Who are BeSaucy?

They are a Brighton-based condiment company with big plans and a big heart. Once a family run chip shop business, known as BeFries, the recent COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently pivoted their business and allowed them re-brand as a completely plastic free vegan condiments company.

What does basil mayo taste like?

BeSaucy Vegan Basil Mayonnaise 180g is clean, green and definitely not mean. It is said to have fresh, exciting basil flavours that will tantalize your taste buds!

What is garlic mayo made of?

BeSaucy Vegan Garlic Mayonnaise 180g is made from a base of aquafaba, organic Soya milk, Garlic and cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

What is black truffle mayo?

BeSaucy Vegan Black Truffle Mayonnaise 180g is a luxuriously smooth and creamy vegan mayonnaise, which features an infusion of high quality black truffles. Unsurprisingly, it has a savoury black truffle taste with a good depth of rich & creamy flavours.