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Barley Cup

Barley Cup

What is Barley Cup?

Barleycup is a naturally caffeine free, instant cereal Drink that acts as a popular alternative to Tea, Coffee and hot Chocolate. And because it’s made from cereal grains, each Barley Cup product will only contain roasted Barley, chicory and/or rye.

So what is Chicory Cup all about then?

Chicory Cup is another a healthy caffeine free coffee substitute from Barley Cup. Each Chicory Cup product is made from only 100% chicory root, which gives the drink a natural likeness to the flavour of coffee.

Who can drink Barley Cup?

As Barleycup is a delicious and nutritious cereal drink, it can be drunk by children as young as 3 years of age to teenagers and adults alike. Barleycup with milk will enrich a child’s diet with valuable protein and Vitamins.

...and how can they drink it?

Barleycup can be consumed on its own as a warm drink or with additives. It also makes a delicious cold drink, similar to iced coffee.

How does Barley Cup benefit my body?

Barley Cup will perfectly complement a balanced high-fibre diet because it offers approximately 1g of fibre per single cup (250ml, 5g of powder). Moreover, Barley Cup contains only 10kcals per cup so offers a delicious low calorie drink. Consuming products, like Barley Cup, which contain fibre (and inulin) may benefit your health by preventing the onset of certain diseases as well as aid in the removal of harmful substances from your Body, such as heavy metals and bile acids.