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A.Vogel - Natural & Herbal Health Remedies

A.Vogel is the UK market leader for fresh herbal remedies. They produce an extensive range of products that focus on organically cultivated fresh tinctures, such as their number one selling product; A.Vogel Echinaforce.

What do A Vogel products do?

They offer a wide range of effective natural remedies, healthy food products and dietary Supplements made from freshly harvested plants & certified organic raw materials, which are grown in healthy soil. These fresh herbal tinctures and tablets help to alleviate symptoms associated with an array of ailments and conditions such as stress, fatigue, insomnia and the menopause.

Who are Vogel's target audience?

They are ideal for those who follow nature’s example and seek a balance between tension and relaxation, activity and rest. They may have made the decision to adopt a natural balanced diet and heed their own body’s signals for optimum health & healing. This is because A. Vogel's natural, holistic medicines do not fight symptoms, but look to eliminate the causes of the illness.

Is Dr A Vogel still alive?

Alfred Vogel was born in 1902 in Basel and died in 1996. This Swiss pioneer of natural health dedicated his whole life to achieving recognition for naturopathy and herbal medicine. Even at the start of his career, Alfred Vogel made his preparations from freshly picked plants. The extra effort put into using fresh produce is what still distinguishes A.Vogel from its competitors today.

What makes A.Vogel stand out from its competitors?

A. Vogel's remedies, medicines and food products, are based on one of the core principles of Alfred Vogel: health requires a holistic approach. After all, its common knowledge that a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet play key roles in maintaining your health, however by taking natural healing products, such as A. Vogel, you can further ensure full restoration of your troubling condition.

Where is a Vogel from?

A.Vogel products are marketed in the UK & Ireland by Bioforce (UK) Ltd but are still manufactured in Switzerland and then transported to Scotland, where Bioforce UK is located. These products are then bottled in a modern facility which operates under strict UK GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.