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Supplements Inspired by Nature

Aspire2 offers a range of premium food Supplements that work to boost your immunity & wellbeing. Each product (below) features an advanced formulation of natural ingredients that support mental & psychological health, men's health, and the Immune System.

Where are Aspire2 food supplements made?

Aspire2 supplements are made in Dublin, Ireland.

What can I take to boost my immune system fast?

For many people, the modern diet does not provide the wide range of nutrients that are important for maintaining a healthy immune system and Aspire2 Immune Complex has been scientifically formulated for this reason. It contains 5 essential Vitamins and Minerals (vitamins A, C & D, selenium & zinc), which have EU authorised health claims for their role in supporting your body’s immune system.

What are the best supplements for men's health?

Aspire2 Pro Men Complex is an advanced formulation of premium natural ingredients to support men’s health. It contains several highly researched ingredients to provide a truly unique formulation, which include SeleniumZincPumpkin SeedsSaw Palmetto, Black Pepper Extract, Nettle Leaf Extract and boron. These active ingredients may positively contribute to normal Fertility and reproduction, normal spermatogenesis, and to an increase in male testosterone levels.

What is the best supplement for memory and focus?

You may wish to consider Aspire2 Mental Performance, which is an advanced formulation of premium natural ingredients to support mental health & psychological function. The EU has approved official health claims for certain dietary B vitamins, which play an important role in supporting mental health and psychological function. This is why Aspire2 Mental Performance contains Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) and vitamin B12 with Holy BasilLemon Balm, Siberian GinsengAshwagandha (KSM-66) and L-Theanine. These highly researched ingredients support normal mental performance, normal psychological function, and may also work to reduce levels of Stress and Fatigue too!

Are any supplements worth taking?

Yes, absolutely! A 2016 study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) found that vitamin D supplements protect against acute respiratory infections, including Cold & Flu. Another example is selenium, whereby the EU has authorised several health claims, one of which includes its role in providing Immune Support.

What are the top selling supplements?

Vitamin D is considered to be the most popular and top selling supplement. Often referred to as the "sunshine vitamin", the countries with the highest levels of vitamin D are suprisingly those in the north of Europe, such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark & Norway, which generally have a less sunny climate. Vitamin D can also be found in certain foods but for most individuals, the best way to get enough of it is taking a supplement, like Aspire2, as it is hard to consume enough vitamin D through our daily diet.