Ashton & Parsons

Ashton & Parsons: Effective teething pain relief for over 150 years.

Ashton & Parsons Infant Teething Powders are a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething.

What is teething?

Teething can be trouble, especially when you are a first-time parent, and will probably be the first time that you see your little one in discomfort or pain. If your Baby starts displaying any of the following symptoms they may be teething:

  • Drooling.
  • Poor appetite.
  • Red or swollen gums.
  • Irritability or fretfulness.
  • A temperature up to 37.5.
  • Rubbing of the cheek or ear.
  • Flushed, red cheeks or Face.
  • Chewing & gnawing on fingers or objects.
  • Sleepless at night and restless in the day.

For over 150 years, Ashton & Parsons have been used to help generations of mothers and babies through teething as a traditional, long-standing remedy. Ashton & Parsons Infant Teething Powders contain tincture of Matricaria, which is extracted from the flower heads of the German chamomile plant (Marticaria recutita). Matricaria tincture is a gentle oil solution that has been used as a Herbal Tincture for thousands of years.

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