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Aqua Oleum

Aqua Oleum

Aqua Oleum

Aqua Oleum offer a range of high quality Essential Oils, absolutes, Carrier Oils and aromatic products, which are all derived directly from botanical sources.

What is Aqua Oleum?

Aqua Oleum was one of the first Aromatherapy companies to be established in the UK and has pioneered many innovations in their specific field for over thirty years. This ethical, family company, with 3 generations of experience in providing the finest quality essential oils, has a profound respect for nature and the planet on which we inhabit.

What is the best essential oil?

It is hard to determine what the 'best' essential oil is, because, after all like most things it's simply down to individual preference. However some of the most popular essential oils can be established through demand and sales worldwide. These oils include;

Can essentials oils be used by women during pregnancy?

Some aromatherapy oils are contra-indicated for Pregnancy. It is therefore strongly recommended that any pregnant woman considering the use of essential oils should consult a qualified aromatherapist or medical practitioner before use.

Why should I choose Aqua Oleum?

Aqua Oleum has built its market reputation based on outstanding product expertise and high ethical standards together with a real commitment to providing top quality oils at a fair price. They strive to provide their consumer base with the best quality products and ensure that their packaging, production and distribution are carried out with respect to the natural environment.