Aqua Biome Fish Oil

Aqua Biome: The Worlds 1st Omega Blend for a Healthy Microbiome.

Aqua Biome is a completely new type of omega Supplement, made from wild-caught and sustainably-sourced anchoveta. The unique formula is based on these 3 tenets:

  1. Help the microbiome flourish.
  2. Create the perfect omega blend.
  3. Produce a sustainable & eco-restorative product.

What is my Microbiome?

Not only does your gut contain good bacteria, but also an entire world of microbes known as the microbiome.

Why should I keep my Microbiome healthy?

A better microbiome means a better you, because it affects everything from your Mood to Immune System;

  • Energy -  Your microbiome plays a role in metabolizing Nutrients, which affects your Energy balance.
  • Mood & Brain - Your microbiome-gut-brain axis has a powerful effect on your mood. It is also connected to your central nervous system, which influences Brain function and behaviour.
  • Immune Cells - Your microbiome encourages your body’s natural communication with your immune cells.
  • Cardio - Your microbiome helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels already in the normal range.
  • Digestion - Your microbiome supports the Digestion of Food to help you absorb beneficial nutrients.

Are Aqua Biome products gluten free?

Yes!. All Aqua Biome products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and soy free.

Why should I supplement with Aqua Biome?

Aqua Biome’s unique blend has been formulated based on science to go furthest in benefiting your body’s whole health. It is 4 parts DHA (to stimulate a healthy microbiome), 2 parts EPA (which work in harmony with the DHA), and 1 part DPA (the missing Omega not commonly found in most other brands). Studies indicate a higher intake of DHA, EPA, and DPA will make your microbiome flourish!

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