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Ape Snacks

Ape Snacks

Plant based Coconut Snacks

Ape Snacks are a range of delicious and satisfying snacks that don’t compromise on health. Ape's stunningly scrumptious and ridiculously healthy Coconut bites contain just a few simple ingredients baked into a satisfying sweet treat. Released to the natural food market in 2016, these bites are high in fibre and are seasoned with chia seeds and sesame seeds respectively.

Who owns Ape Snacks?

Ape Snacks was launched in 2016 by then university student, Zack Nathan. It has since become part of the Nurture Brands family, which also includes Rebel Kitchen and The Primal Pantry.

Are the coconut bite snacks vegan?

Ape Coconut Bites are plant based & certified vegan by the Vegan Society.

What makes the Ape brand stand out?

The 100% clean & natural Ape Coconut Bites recipe is free from anything bad. They've cut out all of the monkey business, making snacks with only the best plant based ingredients and tastiest natural flavours, so you can snack happy. This means both Ape Snacks Natural Crunchy Coconut Bites 30g - Pack of 10 and Ape Snacks Coconut Chocolate Bites are free from all artifical flavours and preservatives.