High performance products for your brain, body & beauty regime.

Ancient + Brave is here to enhance your general wellbeing, through a change in lifestyle and fasting strategies. Their delicious range of high performance products are designed to rejuvenate your Body, upgrade your cognitive & physical performance, and enhance your natural Beauty.

Ancient + Brave products deliver key nutrients such as hydrolysed Collagen peptides, MCT Oil, botanicals adaptogens, natural caffeine and specific Vitamins and Minerals in a serving that’s ideal to maintain fasting while encouraging satiety & alertness.

How does Ancient + Brave support all types & styles of fasting?

Ancient + Brave appreciate that many styles of fasting could leave you feeling hungry, tired, foggy or sluggish. Their 'Brave Method' follows 3 key principles; under 50 kcal, low carb and low sugar. This tried and tested method appears to productively work alongside many styles of intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, ketogenic diets and fat fasting diets. 

Whichever fasting strategy you choose, the Brave Method encourages the use of MCT oil and hydrolysed collagen peptides during the last few hours of your fast, to help provide a feeling of fullness and nourish and sustain you through the last challenging part of your fast. By providing you with an extra layer of TLC during your fasting and eating windows, you should become more able to reach your targets and achieve your desired goals.

Why is MCT a key component of Ancient + Brave's Brave method?

MCT is a key component of the Brave method because it contains special fats that cells can readily burn and convert into keytones & Energy. MCT provides your body, muscles and Brain with an energy supply during fasting which should help to curb hunger, sustain alertness, energy, mindset and maintain physical performance.

Can Ancient + Brave blends be consumed by those who are not fasting?

Yes, all Ancient + Brave products can be used throughout the day, even when if you're not fasting, as they deliver key nutrients. Many of these products contain botanical adaptogens which help build resilience to Stress so they may support your busy lifestyle. Ancient + Brave's vegan friendly collagen range also contains essential nutrients too, such as Vitamin D and Choline, which are often difficult for vegans to obtain through their diet alone.

Where is Ancient + Brave true collagen sourced?

Ancient + Brave's true collagen comes from grass-fed cows living the high life in Brazil. These animals have been raised happily and naturally, without hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMOs.

Is Ancient + Brave's product packaging recyclable?

The vast majority of Ancient + Brave's packaging is recyclable and their cardboard is all FSC certified.The inside bag that houses the Ancient Brave Cacao Collagen and Ancient Brave Coffee Collagen is currently recyclable in two centres in the UK, so, although limited, it is advised to put these in with your other recycling.

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