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5th Season

5th Season

The Finest Freeze-Dried Fruit without the Fuss


5th Season has big ambitions in order to change eating behaviours. In Great Britain alone, 2 in 3 adults are overweight, less than 1/3 of people achieve their 5-a-day, and it is said that we all need to increase our fibre intake by fifty percent. 5th Season understands that our busy lives mean eating fresh fruit isn’t always an option. There are times when snacking on a strawberry or peeling a pomegranate simply isn’t convenient. This is where their range of delicious, freeze-dried snacks, made from 100% fruit comes in. It is fruit but without the fuss.

Is freeze-dried fruit good for you?


There are three key benefits of consuming 5th Season freeze-dried fruit: 


They are only ever 100% fruit with nothing else added, such as sugar, fat or additives.

Their fruit retains its shape and doesn’t shrivel up like it does with traditional drying methods.

The low processing temperature of freeze-drying means the fruit still has the look & taste of fresh fruit. Most importantly it retains more nutrients than any other drying process. 90% of the nutrients are retained in packs for eighteen months.

What makes 5th Season Fruit stand out?


Their mission is simple; to get people eating more fruit, by making all fruit accessible anytime, anywhere, anyhow, and in doing so to help farming communities to thrive, not just survive. Their fruit snacks are ideal for hangry adults and healthy kids. They are 100% natural and packed with Vitamins and fibre. Each 5th Season product captures all the goodness of the finest sun-ripened fruit in a handy pack you can take anywhere on your travels. And each fruit is ethically and sustainably sourced too, from certified fields and farms across Egypt, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica & Peru. Furthermore, 5th Season donates 1p per pack to Farm Africa, an innovative charity that reduces poverty in Eastern Africa by unleashing African female farmers' abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way. So snacking on 5th Season literally contributes to a more 'healthy' world.

How did the 5th Season brand start?


It was founded by Stuart and Tiffany, after they met on a skiing trip. The two co-founders got into a discussion about how difficult it was to consume five portions of fruit & vegetables every day when you’re busy and working full time. This topic was especially important to Tiffany, who as a mother of three, wanted her kids to grow up knowing what real fruit looks, feels & tastes like. As the conversation developed it was apparent that both Stuart and Tiffany had spent their careers working in some of the unhealthiest food categories, so they decided that it was time to use their expertise to create something that helps the British population make healthier eating choices. They set about creating their own fruit snacks and landed on freeze-drying as this method is scientifically proven to be nutritionally the next best thing to fresh fruit. However, the freeze-drying industry is not well established in snacking and freeze-dried fruit is very moisture sensitive and goes soft very quickly if left exposed to the air. It is safe to say that Stuart and Tiffany experienced ‘teething problems’ in 5th Season’s early days, and as a result, had to implement new processes throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that the quality of their products didn’t degrade between the fruit being picked and consumption by their loyal consumers. They put a lot of stringent quality checks in place and invested in more robust packaging to ensure that moisture didn’t slowly seep into their packs over time.

Who is the 5th Season's target audience?


From kids to adults, health fanatics to those on strict diets, 5th Season really are the only real alternative to fresh fruit. With this in mind, if you're someone who struggles to adhere to the UK Government's recommendation of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, or you're a parent with a fussy little eater then give 5th Season a try.