Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats 454g


Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats 454g

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Bob's Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats Whole Grain

Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats have been simply rolled thicker, to produce a hearty bowl that retains all of the dietary fibre and Other Nutrients of the oat bran, germ and endosperm.

  • 454g.
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly.
  • Made from the world’s finest oat groats.
  • Retains all nutrients & dietary fibre of the oat bran.
  • Certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification of Brooklyn, New York.
  • Non-GMO - this product is made without the use of bio-engineering, using ingredients grown from identity preserved seeds.
  • Whole Grain - this product is 100% whole grain & includes all of the nutritious bran, germ & endosperm that whole grains offer.

Also available:

Bobs Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Wholegrain Quick Oats 454g.

Bob's Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats are made from the world’s finest oat groats. These extra chewy oats retain their texture even after cooking and produce robust and satisfying hot cereal, Cookies, Granola and yeast Bread. You can even add them to Peanut Butter or use these high quality Oats to make the best chewy oatmeal cookies you’ve ever had!


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Are Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats Vegan?

Yes! Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats are vegetarian & vegan friendly, meaning it they not include eggs, dairy or Honey.

What's the difference between Bobs Red Mill rolled oats, Scottish oats & steel cut oats?

Rolled oats are made by stabilising the whole oat groats, followed by steaming and rolling the oats to the desired thickness. This method is used for quick, regular and thick rolled oats. Bobs Red Mill Steel Cut Oats 680g and Scottish oats are made from the stabilised oat groat which is then cut. The steel cut oats are cut into large pieces which produces a chewier texture oatmeal, while Scottish oats are actually stone ground on mills to produce a nice, creamy porridge.

Are Bob's Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats gluten free?

Oats themselves are naturally Gluten Free but, as with all foods, there are also some concerns with oatmeal that gluten intolerant people will want to be aware of to avoid any potential issues. Although most oats are safe for gluten intolerant individuals, cross-contamination can occur in facilities or even in fields where wheat, rye or barley are also present. With this in mind it is advised to choose Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Old Fashioned Wholegrain Rolled Oats 397g if you're seeking a gluten free certified alternative.

Directions of use


Serving suggestion:

Bobs Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats may be used in gluten-free recipes in place of wheat flours. You could use them to make a wheat free oatmeal cake or peanut butter oatmeal cookies.

These oats help ingredients stick together too, a similar purpose to Flour in most recipes, and it also crumbles in a delicious, chewy texture which is perfect for muffins, pies, and cookies!

Please note:

If you are cooking for a gluten intolerant person, then it is important to ensure that your recipe does not include any additional ingredients that contain gluten. With this in mind, watch out for wheat, Barley, rye and triticale.


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Whole Grain Oats.


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