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Outside the Box

Outside the Box - Wheat Free Football?


Worthing Women’s soccer players give an ‘Oat’ of confidence towards Nairn’s products in the latest taste test.

Following the huge success of our recent Kombucha taste test with the players & coaching staff of Worthing Women’s Football Club, we turned our attention from hydration and on to a selection of potential energizing wheat free foods from Nairn’s. If you’re not familiar with Outside the Box, it’s a relatively recent collaboration with this London & South East Premier ladies football team, whereby we hope to enhance the Worthing Women’s players performance on the pitch by encouraging them to make healthy dietary choices off it.

Are oats wheat free? 

Yes! Oats are naturally Gluten Free. And while some contamination with gluten (a protein present in wheat) containing crops may happen during production with some brands, all Nairn’s products are 100% wheat free, making them ideal for those with a wheat allergy or intolerance.

So what Nairn’s products did the Worthing Women’s players try?

In this particular taste test, pre-training, the ladies were presented with a choice of Nairn's Gluten Free Oatcakes, an energizing Nairn's Gluten Free Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bar and a Nairn's Gluten Free Mixed Seeds & Protein Oat Bar - see our social media platforms for the photos.

Nairn’s kindly sent us more products for the ladies to try too, such as porridge oats that were graciously received by the team catering. These will be utilised for pre-game meals for their games to come this season.

What are oatcakes good for?

Nairn's oatcakes are said to contain nutrients that may contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, meaning they could help to efficiently transform carbohydrates from food into usable Energy. During the taste test the players tried these with some home-made hummus & dill.

Are energy bars good for running?

They might be! The Nairn's Gluten Free Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bar is touted as the perfect on-the-go snack, pre or post workout. It’s been compared to over 150 other branded fruit & oat bars, and the good news is that this one contains forty percent less Sugar than the average of all those bars.

This particular bar was one one of the most popular choices by the Worthing Women players who took part in the taste test. And with a perfectly balanced sweetness of juicy red apple pieces with a little kick of Cinnamon, we’re not surprised as it’s almost reminiscent of apple pie but without the guilt of course.

Are protein bars good for soccer players?

There’s no doubt that the world has gone protein mad in recent years, and while protein does play an important role in a soccer player's overall diet, it should be ideally served in small amounts. The Nairn's Gluten Free Mixed Seeds & Protein Oat Bar contains 5.4g of protein (on average, women should consume 45g of protein daily). It’s carefully proportioned mix of Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Flaxseed gives this bar a nutty-like taste and an unmistakable crunchy texture that went down well with many of the Worthing Women's players who tried them.

What is a good breakfast for football players?

Footballers should aim to consume a breakfast that will provide them with a constant supply of energy for the game or training session ahead. Something that is rich in Minerals, B Vitamins, and Antioxidants should not only improve a players energy levels but also aid the recovery process too.

Is porridge good for football?

Yes, absolutely! And this is why Nairn’s were so generous in supplying us with not one but three different types of or porridge, which included Nairn's Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats 450g, Nairn's Gluten Free Oats Your Way Apple & Cinnamon Porridge 375g and Nairn's Gluten Free Oats Your Way Blueberry Muffin Porridge 375g.

When it comes to oats and simplicity, porridge is a super-healthy breakfast staple that is high in soluble fibre and naturally rich in energizing Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Thiamin and folate. And don't forget that these versatile porridge oats can be used for more than just porridge, with a texture that complements Baking, overnight oats or even a healthy smoothie mix.


When you consider the amount of pasta, bread, biscuits & cakes in today’s Western diet, it is more than evident that we all consume too much wheat. But whether you’re an elite footballer or not, it's important to keep things varied and balanced when it comes to your diet. What was clear from today's test is that Nairn’s offer really simple wheat free alternatives to keep you going throughout your day, whatever your profession.

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