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Outside the Box

Outside the Box - Are Protein shakes good for Footballers?

Having closed a busy period of matches in January with an impressive 3-1 home win against Dulwich Hamlet Ladies yesterday, it was time for the women of Worthing FC to knuckle down and begin to prepare for a February fixture list that could really shape their season. With away trips to the likes of Fulham Women, who sit just above them in 3rd place in the league, and Millwall Lionesses, who lie just behind them in 6th, the top of the table is certainly cosey to say the very least! However, before we completely waved goodbye to the first month of 2022 it was time to have a little bit of a treat in week 10 of Outside the Box, especially after such a great win. This came courtesy of Grounded and their delicious NEW range of plant-based, Chocolate protein shakes - a big thank you to Olivia at Grounded for sending me these scrumptious samples.

Who are Grounded?

Grounded may sound like a bit of a new kid on the block but in fact this London based business has been around since 2016, where they started out by making a range of natural, low sugar drinks. Fast forward to now and Grounded is cramming the very best plant-based ingredients into two delicious Dairy Free shakes; Grounded Protein Mint Choc Milkshake 490ml and Grounded Protein Chocolate Milkshake 490ml. Each shake is full of Amino Acids, provides 20g of natural protein, and has no hidden nasties. Basically, if it's not from the ground, it doesn't go in!

Do soccer players use protein shakes?

Yes! In the men's game both England captain, Harry Kane, and Paulo Dybala of Italian Serie A side Juventus drink protein shakes. Granted they may not be Grounded’s protein shakes, not yet anyways (*happy to send you some in exchange for a signed shirt if you’re reading this chaps?*), but these two players have been more than vocal about the positive effects of a protein-rich diet, stating that it not only helps with their on-pitch performance but also supports muscle repair and recovery.

Are plant-based protein shakes healthy?

Grounded protein shakes certainly are! These days there are too many ‘healthy products’ out there that contain so much rubbish. Artificial ingredients and animal based products are harming both our bodies and the planet. Grounded's organic sunflower seed protein comes straight from sunflowers grown in Europe. The seeds are cold-pressed, minimally processed and contain a rich source of Antioxidants, Vitamins and 'healthy' fats.

Why do soccer players drink chocolate milk?

Soccer puts huge stress on the Joints & Bones, so Worthing Women players need to ensure their diet contains sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and Calcium which work together in supporting bone health. Chocolate milk, or a plant-based chocolate milk alternative like Grounded, has a high protein and vitamin content that makes it the perfect recovery drink after a match or intense training session. Two-time FIFA Women's World Cup champion, and Olympic gold medallist Kelley O'Hara of the US Women’s national team has stated that she regularly refuels with chocolate milkshakes, as they replace the sodium & calcium lost when she sweats, as well as offer her vital carbohydrates and protein.

Are protein shakes good before soccer?

No! While it's clear that protein does indeed play an important and positive role in a soccer player's overall diet, protein shakes tend to be served in large quantities and would not suit a Worthing Women's Football player just before they take to the field. Grounded's pure plant powered shakes should therefore be considered after the final whistle blows.

Conclusion: What is the best protein shake for soccer players?

Let's be honest, these days many professional football teams and even their individual players have sponsorship deals with major protein shake brands. So while some of soccer's finest talent may simply consume them to give their sponsors exposure, it is evident that England captains and World Cup Winning defenders alike recognise their nutritional value. Grounded do not sponsor Worthing Women’s Football Club (not yet, anyways ;-0), nor do they have any involvement with their staff and players. But with that said I believe that both Grounded Chocolate Milkshake and Mint Choc Milkshakes could prove worthy contenders for the women of Worthing Football Club. These protein m*lkshakes are presented in easy to carry cartons, made from 100% recyclable packaging, which will neatly fit in their kit bags. They are 100% natural too, 90% organic and contain 40% less sugar than other chocolate milk drinks on the market. And with consideration to a fair few Worthing players being vegan, Grounded offers them a smooth, creamy and guilt free option to complement their strict plant based diets.

Make sure you’re following Worthing Women’s Football Club on social media, @WorthingFCWomen on Twitter and @worthingfcwomen on Instagram to see how they get on with Grounded protein shakes for the remainder of the London & South East Women's Premier League season.