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Government Recommending Drink Free Days

A new Campaign between Public Health England in association with Drinkaware is urging people between 45-65 to have regular drink free days – preferably at least two consecutively after it was shown that this age group are more likely to consume more than the recommended 14 units per week.

A YouGov Poll also showed that we find  cutting back on alcohol far harder than eating healthily or exercising and we’re sure many of you can identify with this and may be interested to know that an App has been developed to give people practical daily support to stick to a planned routine. It is thought that more than 1 in 5 of us are regularly consuming more than the recommended 14 units per week. This is the equivalent of 6 pints of average strength beer or 7 small (175ml) glasses of wine.

The Campaign is part of a growing awareness of the health risks of drinking. Most middle aged people are not drinking to become drunk but see it as a social activity, a compensation for a hard day at work or a reward for success forgetting that the more you drink, the more you increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart or liver disease and cancer.

We looked at the Drinkaware site where you can calculate if your drinking habits fall within safe limits and it’s fair to say some of us were shocked at our findings.  Reducing our drinking would improve our quality of sleep, give us more energy, assist in weight loss, improve our sex lives and leave us with more money in our wallets as well as minimising those alcohol fuelled arguments that can affect our day to day relationships with friends and family. We were also reminded of the importance of acting as role models for our children in setting an example of sensible drinking.

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