Super Easy Fruity Oat Cereal

Super Easy Fruity Oat Cereal


The Super Easy Fruity Oat Cereal is the perfect, nutritious breakfast to start your day. You do not have to use these ingredients so feel free to change or add some more tasty ingredients if you wish.


Serves: 12 (great to store & enjoy as and when you wish)

Preparation: 10 minutes.



  1. To make the super easy cereal, roughly chop any larger dried fruit and nuts, then place into a large bowl along with the seeds, oats and cinnamon (if using).
  2. Serve your cereal by placing a handful of cereal (roughly 50g) per person into your serving bowls.
  3. Add milk or natural yoghurt and chopped fresh fruit, if you like, then serve.
  4. To store for another day. Place the cereal into an airtight container.