Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony 20ml


Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony 20ml

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Agrimony Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Essences Agrimony is a wonderfully gentle flower remedy, designed to encourage one to open up about things and communicate their real feelings. Developed in the 1920’s and 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach, Bach Remedies Agrimony offers a holistic approach to emotional balance.

  • 20ml.
  • Vegan.
  • Natural.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pocket sized.
  • Presented in a handy, portable dropper bottle.
  • Provides a simple remedy that tunes in with your body.
  • 1 of 38 flower essences within Dr Bach’s original remedy system.

Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony is made from the yellow flowers that grow on the agrimony plant and relates to a specific emotion that everyone might experience from time to time. It encourages self-acceptance and cheerfulness.


More Information

What is Agrimony?

Agrimony, or agrimonia, is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant with small yellow flowers. It is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

What does Agrimony mean?

Agrimony relates to any of several unrelated plants of a similar appearance.

What is Agrimony Bach Flower used for?

Rather than turning to drink or drugs to stay happy, Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony may be used as a Mood remedy to help those who use it to come to terms with the darker side of their lives & personalities.

Directions of use


Agrimony Bach uses:

Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony 20ml can be taken in the following ways:

  • Direct Method - Apply to the tongue or applying directly to the skin, by rubbing onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists. To make it easy to remember, take the same number of drops when taking a neat stock remedy as you would when you are mixing remedies in a treatment bottle or glass of water: two drops, direct on the tongue. If you are taking the the pre-mixed Rescue Remedy the dosage is four drops, again direct on the tongue. In either case, repeat as necessary - for long-term treatments, at least four times a day.
  • With Water - For short-term moods and problems put two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water. Sip as often as required until relief is obtained. You can use this method for longer-term problems as well. Just sip from the glass throughout the day, at least four times a day - and keep the glass in the 'fridge or make up a fresh glass each day.
  • Mixing Bottles - For more chronic problems it is recommended to make up a mixing bottle, as it is cheaper and will last two or three weeks if you keep them cool. Get an empty 30ml bottle with a dropper in the lid. Add to the bottle two drops of each selected remedy (and/or four drops of the pre-mixed emergency / rescue formula). Top the bottle up with still mineral water. From this bottle take four drops, at least four times a day.

As you can see, this remedy can be taken in several ways. Taking larger doses at one time doesn't have a stronger effect; but if you are going through a crisis you can take more frequent doses to get you through it.


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Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria.


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