Baby & Child Snacks

Snacking is an important part of a young person's diet to ensure they can maintain energy levels to match their active lifestyles. Natures Healthbox offers a selection of healthy Baby & Child Snacks that can be safely enjoyed alongside a balanced diet.

What age should babies have snacks?

At about six months of age your baby may be introduced to some solid foods or snacks. This is often referred to weaning or complementary feeding 

What Snacks Can I give my baby?

Soft, fresh fruit like mashed bananas or other pureed or strained fruits are often recommended as they are easy to consume.

What are healthy snacks for babies?

If nothing tickles your fancy from our selection below, you may wish to consider baby Breakfast Cereals as a healthy snack alternative, which don't necessarily need to be served at just breakfast time.

What is a healthy snack for a child?

A mix of a few pieces of fruit, vegetables, Nuts & Seeds more than make for a healthy and colourful snack. You may wish to complement them with some sort of a dip too.

What are good snacks for school?

If you're looking for some school lunchbox inspiration then be sure to check out our selection of Snack Bars, Crisps & Savoury Snacks.

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