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Dental Care

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Dental Care

Dental Care For Babies and Toddlers

How can I clean my baby teeth naturally?

Our unrivalled selection of all natural and safe Baby Dental Care products have been designed to comfort your baby during those miserable days & nights of teething, before moving on to a pleasantly tasting toothpaste. Each product (below) works to safely & gently cleanse your little ones' delicate gums whilst promoting strong, healthy teeth.

When should you start cleaning baby's mouth?

In most cases, babies tend to start developing their first teeth after six months of age. And while it is certainly important to clean your baby's mouth before then, teeth may obviously be brushed once they start to appear.

How do you clean a baby's teeth?

You should clean your baby's teeth once they first appear with a wet soft cloth, your finger or Jack N' Jill Natural Baby Gum & Tooth Wipes, to remove any oral bacteria from their teeth & gums. As they get bigger, and further teeth develop, ensure that a small, soft-bristled toothbrush is introduced as soon as possible. You may even wish to try making brush time fun with the Jack N' Jill range of all-natural, hypoallergenic dental products, which are specifically designed to be appealing to babies and children.

When do babies first go to the dentist?

Once you have registered your baby with your preferred dentist, they may ask you to book a visit from after their 1st birthday. For further guidance, please contact your local dentist who will advise accordingly.